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  • Business Background Info

    Topic Selection Tools Credo Reference: Business is excellent for topic browsing while providing authoritative background info on a wide range of business topics. FilmsOnDemand: Business & Economics contains documentary and educational films on a variety of business topics. Browse the Stacks Magazines Magazines can offer valuable insights in the current trends and up to date…

  • Business Research Databases

    Round up of library business research databases.

  • Company Info

    Research hint: Start by determining whether the company you want to research is public, private or non-profit. This will help you determine quickly where to turn to for information Many corporations today have public websites that contain a lot of pertinent information about the company and it can be worthwhile to locate this important source…

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  • Small Business Source

    Small Business Source

    Comprehensive database for small business owners. Search topics and business types. Tutorials & Additional Information “The Small Business Reference Center is a comprehensive resource for small business owners and those interested in starting a business, offering full-text periodicals and reports, sample business plans, U.S. tax forms, videos and reference books. It supports small business owners in all…

  • Hospitality & Tourism Index

    Hospitality & Tourism Index

    Covers research and industry news relating to all areas of hospitality and tourism. Includes MarketLine Industry Reports. Tutorials & Additional Information “Hospitality & Tourism Index is a bibliographic database covering scholarly research and industry news relating to all areas of hospitality and tourism. This comprehensive database contains more than 749,000 records from nearly 650 titles, with…

  • Business ethics

    Cambridge dictionary defines business ethics as “the rules, principles, and standards of deciding what is morally right or wrong when working.” So, business ethics refers to the implementation of appropriate business practices and policies in the workplace. C. Patton, a WCC student in Philosophy 301, decided to explore the factors that lead to ethical or…

  • Vocational & Career Collection

    Vocational & Career Collection

    Trade and industry-related periodicals. To expand your search to more databases, begin with searching OneSearch below Find: Search in: Everything Course Reserves

  • Business Source Premier

    Business Source Premier

    Comprehensive collection of scholarly business articles including finance, management, and marketing. Tutorials & Additional Information Business-related articles, but also content like case studies, SWOT analyses, and company/industry profiles. Case studies examine various business issues. You can also search for case studies from specific publications. Example: Harvard Business Review SWOT analyses stand for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,…

  • Regional Business News Plus

    Regional Business News Plus

    Comprehensive coverage of regional business publications. Tutorials & Additional Information Content Includes More than 70 full-text U.S. and Canadian business publications Full-text coverage dating back to 1990 Reputable Resources for Your Regional News Content for Regional Business News is provided by leading publishers in business news including The Washington Post, PR Newswire US and more. Key resources…

  • ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry

    ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry

    Critical information about companies, products, and executives as well as in-depth news and analysis of industry trends and developments. Tutorials & Additional Information Why use ABI/INFORM? With thousands of titles. ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry™ provides business students with critical information about companies, products, and executives as well as in-depth news and analysis of industry trends…

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