Natural sources for potential inhibitors of sortase A

A former student of Tommaso Vannelli created an annotated bibliography of articles related to sortase A. These are great articles to start from for your own research. Take a look:

This paper reviews the properties of nettles that make them suitable for wider applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

This review discusses the current evidence for novel branded antibiotics that are highly effective in the treatment of multidrug-resistant infections by Gram-positive pathogens.

For each link, you can go right to the PDF or website and read the full article. Before you do, Look at the left side of the record, under the image. Do you see the word CITATIONS? This will take you to the references that the article used. This can also take you to articles that used this article. Here’s a short video of how it works.

You can also use a tool built into the links above to create an ACS citation automagically. Here’s a short video to show you where it is at and how to get ACS style.


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