Graffiti in Bellingham and Whatcom County

Recently, several groups of WCC students decided to study graffiti and public art in Bellingham and greater Whatcom County.

B. Carey and S. Bailey (2022) asked, How are varying styles of graffiti distributed around Bellingham? The authors used this reference source to give background information to their poster and align their work with other research on graffiti.

Another student, J. Bugos, dug deep into the meaning or symbolism of local graffiti from an archeological perspective (2022). They used this newspaper article to establish a link between the past and the present in their poster.

Authors Finlay, Hartke, Jennings, and Sidhu studied the difference in quantity of graffiti between Bellingham, Lynden and Ferndale (2022). This group not only dug into historical research for their work, they considered how graffiti might be profitable to cities.

These students went into the field to collect location data. Someday, the library would like to house that data for others to learn from, because who knows? A future WCC student may want to make graffiti their career

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