Fermentation and yeast

In 2023 at the annual Student Showcase, three Whatcom Community College students presented a poster on their work, “How alternative sugars affect fermentation rates in active dry yeast” (Dobos, Fox & Wenzloff). Their goal was a healthier bread.

In their research, they used a peer-reviewed article, “Antioxidant, anti-diabetic and renal protective properties of Stevia rebaudiana.”

Another group that year also studied yeast, but from a slightly different angle: “How does the concentration of yeast affect its fermentation rate?” (Marshall & Steensland, 2023).

These authors consulted a reference article (also about bread, in part) that gave background information to help support their hypothesis: The role of yeasts in fermentation processes.

Is your class conducting experiments using yeast? What other articles might be useful to you on yeast and fermentation?

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