Why Come to the Library?

Bring your breakfast or lunch and a latte, sit down at a table or computer, and if you need…


About 80% of required textbooks are on reserve in the Library. They can be checked out for two hours and used only in the Library.
The Library has headphones that can be checked out for two hours and used in the library.
Graphic Calculators
If you’ve a math class that requires the use of a graphic calculator you will be able to check one out at the Library for the entire quarter. Batteries included.
DVD Player
Film classes watch lots of DVDs and the Library checks out portable DVD drives for laptops.
Meeting Rooms
Reserve a room in the Library for yourself or a study group.
Use a large white board in any of the study rooms or check a small one out the Reserve desk (popular with students taking STEM classes).
Grab a pair of individually wrapped ear plugs to dampen the noise. Available at the circulation desk.
Device Chargers
The Library has a selection of charging cables for PCs, Apple, and Android devices.
Flash Drive
Need to save some documents or download material. Check out a flash drive at the circulation desk.
Need to print a paper….do it in the Library.
Copy Machines
Need to make a copy….do it in the Library.
Office Supplies
Staplers, tape, glue sticks, hole punchers, paper cutter, etc.   Yes, they are free to use!
Study space
Individual or group study spaces and one “quite study room.”
32,000 physical books; over 300,000 eBooks.
Almost 200,000 video streams and DVDs.
Librarians and staff to help you be successful in all things WCC.