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32 The Conquest of Gola


Leslie Stone

A special treat, here is the story in its original magazine form, scanned into the lovely internet archives. The navigation is a bit crude on this page, but if you type 80 into the number count on the bottom toolbar it will flip right to the start of the story, although you may want to flip around just to see the full issue in all its awesomeness. Be aware, the table of contents will tell you 1287, but that’s because the original magazine didn’t start a new page count for every new issue!


Librarian Note

Article: “Sex-Role Reversal in the Thirties: Leslie F. Stone’s “The Conquest of Gola” – by Batya Weinbaum

Opinion Piece: “Another Lost Science Fiction Classic” – by Richard Levesque

Image of Author:

Pencil image of Leslie F. Stone