IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges
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Handouts and Worksheets

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    Research Team

  • Research Paper? Help! [1] Click
  • Understand the Assignment (Assignment Checklist) [2] Click
  • Explore Topics

  • Project Checklist [2] Click
  • Pros and Cons: How to Find Arguments on Both Sides of the Issue [4] Click
  • Exploring Topics with CQ Researcher (Worksheet) [4] Click
  • Call Numbers

  • How Books Are Organized: The Library of Congress Classification System [6] Click

Explore Sources

    Information Types

  • Flow of Information: A Timeline [9] Click
  • What Kinds of Sources Should You Use? [9] Click
  • Finding Authoritative Information [9] Click
  • Subject Encyclopedias

  • Subject Encyclopedias: A Sample from the Reference Collection [8] Click
  • Magazines / Journals

  • Types of Periodicals [1] Click
  • What is a Scholarly Journal? [6] Click
  • What is a Primary Research Article? [6] Click
  • A Selective List of Liberal and Conservative Periodicals [7] Click

Find Information

    Library Catalogs

  • Practice Using the Whatcom Library Catalog (Worksheet) [8] Click
  • Periodical Indexes

  • Use ProQuest Databases to Locate Articles in Magazines and Journals [4] Click
  • Use EBSCO Databases to Locate Articles in Magazines and Journals [4] Click
  • Practice Searching with ProQuest's Research Library or EBSCO's Academic Search Premier (Worksheet) [8] Click
  • Search Strategies

  • Search Strategy Worksheet [7] Click
  • Boolean Operators

  • Practice Using Boolean Operators Using EBSCO's Academic Search Premier (Worksheet) [8] Click

Evaluate Information


  • Evaluating Resources: Credibility Criteria (A.S.P.E.C.T. Checklist) [2]Click


    Citing and Style Manuals

  • WCC Library page on style manual information [9] Click