History Study Center

History Study Center Info & Tutorials

A collection of primary and secondary sources on global history from ancient times to the present.

History Study Center consists of seven integrated resources that can be easily cross-searched through a single interface:

  • Study Units: 500+ History Topics containing editorially selected materials.
  • Reference Works: 20,000+ articles from atlases, biographical collections, encyclopedias, and research guides, more added monthly.
  • Picture Library: 3,000+ captioned historical photos, political cartoons, woodcuts, more.
  • Video Library: Hundreds of historical video clips, captioned for context and easy searching.
  • Web Gateway: Annotated links to thousands of reliable websites, from the major primary source collections down to individual pages.
  • KnowledgeNotes: Text-based topic guides about trends, events, and the science of history.
  • Journal Library: Cover-to-cover full text of 80 journals