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Full-text scholarly articles and industry journals in Business.


With thousands of titles. ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry™ provides business students with critical information about companies, products, and executives as well as in-depth news and analysis of industry trends and developments. 

You can study and compare specific industries such as food & drink, pharmacy, telecommunications, computing, transportation, construction, and petrochemicals.

 Publication coverage spans 1971 to present.

How To Search ABI/INFORM

The Advance Search function allows users to conduct focused searches by limiting the scope of the keyword search to specific locations, such as only searching for the search term in the title of articles, the abstract, or the author’s name.  The Advance Search function also allows users to search by utilizing industry classifications and terms, such as:

Company/organization name

Providing users with a variety of reports, such as a Company SnapShot, a Manufacturing Company Profile, a World Market Intelligence, and/or an Experian Commercial Risk.

NAICS code

North American Industry Classification System codes classify organizations by industry (e.g., 51912 for Libraries and Archives, and 92213 for Legal Counsel and Prosecution). You can use NAICS codes to find documents related to a particular industry.

Classification code

Classification codes organize documents into broad topical areas (e.g., by geographic area, article type, management function or business environment).  You can use classification codes to find documents about a specific management function, industry, market, and more.


Allows the user to search for all database entries tied to a specific geographic region or local.


Allows the user to search for all database entries tied to a specific name. The name could belong to a person, a work (such as a film title), or even a place (such as a street name).

Product name

Allows the user to search for all database entries tied to a specific product line, type, or area (e.g. Air Jordans, video games, Lego, etc.).

In addition to the advance search functions, users can also search by publication title, or browse by featured content, including industry and market research, country reports, commodity reports, company reports, or topic paths.